TAPIO Measurement Technologies Oy of Espoo, Finland acquired the business functions of TAPIO in 2020.
The owner and Managing Director of the company is Mr. Ilkka Mustonen.
The company continues to manufacture, service, support and develop TAPIO equipment.

TAPIO Technologies Oy was founded in 1989, in Espoo, Finland. Founder Mr. Tapio Makkonen is well known in Finnish paper industry. He has been R&D Director at KCL for 20 years, developed and patented such products as fiber length and consistency measurement, helped to develop the PaperlabTM (Valmet). He is also the founder and inventor of Sensodec condition monitoring system.


TAPIO Paper Machine Analyzer and TAPIO TS Profiler
Reducing variations in paper and paper making process is one of the key factors for paper makers in their struggle to maintain the competitive edge on the world market. The problem is that there has been no dedicated device(s) to accurately measure long, medium and short-term variations of paper. Neither has there been measurement systems allowing papermaker to find the correlation between the paper and print quality using long statistically significant sample sizes.

Now TAPIO family of products is helping papermaker to find and solve the cross direction variation, machine direction variation, random variation and printability problems. TAPIO Analyzers are also widely accepted, as a standard measurement when guarantee specifications for the new and rebuild machines are set and verified.

Past and present equipment manufactured by TAPIO Technologies Oy:

1. TAPIO Paper Machine Analyzer (PMATM) for paper MD and CD measurements

2. TAPIO TS Profiler for CD and short MD measurements

3. TAPIO Laboratory Printing Machine LPMTM, Rotogravure and Flexo printing

4. TAPIO PromaTM for on-line process and vibration measurements

5. TAPIO RQPv2TM for roll hardness measurement

6. TAPIO PapEYETM software for mottling etc. studies with scanner and camera hardware

7. TAPIO REPTM, roll end profiler for paper and film rolls

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